Atlantic Beach Hotel, Melkbosstrand

Atlantic Beach Hotel, Melkbosstrand – Melkbosstrand, South Africa

Key Service: Asset Management
Location: Melkbosstrand, South Africa
Product: Owner representation

Project description:

In 2009 Horwath HTL’s South African office was asked to review a management agreement entered into between a non-resident private individual, the hotel owner, and a local hotel management company. The review exercise identified points of concern which were brought to the hotel owner’s attention following which Horwath HTL (South Africa) was appointed as the Owner’s Representative.

Horwath HTL solution:

Horwath HTL (South Africa) adopts a proactive approach in our Owner Representative appointments. We have the necessary hospitality expertise and extensive operational experience.

This coupled with our deep-rooted analytical abilities has enabled us to implement strategies and practices that have significantly improved cash flow and maximized returns thus enhancing the long-term asset value for our CLient.

September 2017 will mark the eighth year that we have fulfilled the role of Owner Representative for this particular Client.