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Horwath HTL Publications

11th October 2017

Horwath HTL: Africa

Please download the latest Horwath HTL Regional Brochure for Africa. The brochure includes a full list of all our areas of business, products and services as well as contact details for all our senior Directors working in each office.

18th August 2016

Horwath HTL: Tourism & Leisure

Tourism and Leisure projects make up a large part of our business at Horwath HTL and we pride ourselves on having worked on some very significant projects all over the world. Tourism now accounts for such a high proportion of GDP that extensive investment is being made in the sector, both publicly and privately, and many countries have identified [...]

18th August 2016

Horwath HTL: Hotel Asset Management

“It is important to have an expert team that can optimize the potential of the underlying asset, one that has the language and experience to align the interests of the owners and operators in creating the best results possible. Horwath HTL has extensive experience across single unit and multi-portfolio organizations and will work hard to maximize [...]

23rd October 2015

Horwath HTL: Hotel Valuation

From single assets in domestic markets to cross-border portfolios spread across several countries, Horwath HTL’s Hotel Valuation experts have the breadth of experience and the resources of 50 local offices worldwide to provide informed and objective valuation advice.

We have experts with RICS and MAI accreditation who have been working in these markets for many [...]

10th September 2015

Horwath HTL: Health & Wellness

Horwath HTL offers a full range of consulting and management services that make a difference in hotel and spa performance.

From preliminary market research and feasibility work that helps determine if, what, and how a property should be created, positioned and run in a given location, to taking responsibility for its ongoing management and success.

10th September 2015

Horwath HTL: Planning & Development

Getting the planning and development right is fundamental for any hotel and tourism and leisure project. Our international team of experts will use their project experience, market research and analytical capabilities to help you navigate the entire process.

“The key to any successful hotel development is thorough planning and preparation; only when every aspect and [...]