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Horwath HTL Hotel Asset Management
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Creating and Protecting Value for Hotel Owners
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Horwath HTL has had over 300 hotels under asset management globally

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Hotel Asset Management

Understanding what strategies and management practices result in increased cash flow and asset value, we take an assertive position in an asset management role as owner representative to maximise returns and asset values over time.

We will assess, explore and make detailed recommendations on how to improve business performance, whilst evaluating your internal processes against the best the industry can offer. Every one of our hotel experts has extensive managerial experience; and are perfectly acquainted with all operational, real estate and financing agendas.

Our approach when undertaking asset management instructions is to seek to maximise the value of our client’s interests. An initial diagnostic review is an integral part of any asset management instruction and prepares the ground for our ongoing role as owner representative.

Horwath HTL core Hotel Asset Management services:

  • Physical property review
  • Qualify existing, and/or propose, FF&E and capital improvement/expenditure plans
  • Analyze, review and negotiate annual budgets/business plans
  • Management team oversight, provide on-going monitoring of cash flow and hotel operations
  • Recommend and help implement initiatives to optimize cash flow (e.g. assess staffing levels, review cost structure, negotiate with brand operator, etc.)
  • Ensure management contract compliance
  • Prepare and distribute required ownership reporting
  • Manage key stakeholder relationships
  • Represent owner interests in all potential key contract negotiations

Working to create and protect value

In addition to the aforementioned Hotel Asset Management services, we offer a full range of complementary services to further support your ownership activities subject to separate instruction:

  • Operational advisory services
  • Repositioning strategy and analysis
  • Sales, marketing and revenue management
  • Investment and divestment strategy
  • Hotel management company selection and contract negotiation
  • Due diligence

Success Stories

  • Atlantic Beach Hotel NEW
    Asset Management

    Atlantic Beach Hotel, Melkbosstrand, South Africa

    Overview: Owner representation for a boutique privately owned hotel.

    Description of project: Initially Horwath HTL (South Africa) was asked to review a management agreement. The outcome of the review process resulted in Horwath HTL (South Africa’s) appointment as Owner Representative.

    Status: Ongoing

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